Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Il primo della classe (poesia dedicata a Daniele Capezzone)

Il primo della classe in giro se ne va,
sempre impettito,
pulito, ben vestito,
alla ricerca di nuove libertà.

Daniele non è liberalsocialista,
ma liberale, libertario e liberista.

Da vero radicale
lotta contro il male,
ma non per annientarlo,
bensì per ridurlo.

E' anticlericale,
ma sempre liberale:
dialoga pure coi democristianacci,
il suo preferito è Bruno Tabacci.

Al tavolo dei volenterosi
invita quelli meno schifiltosi:
di sinistra e di destra.
Che bella minestra!
Ma c'è pure il centro,
mi ci ficco dentro!

Il Cap è ormai grande e si apre un nuovo varco,
ma sull'uscio della Torre lo aspetta il padre Marco...

Un giorno, caro leader, conquisterai le masse.
Stupiscici ancora, primo della classe!

Filippo Modica

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fan Club

A fan club is a grouping that is devoted to a well-known person, idea, group or at times even an extinct object. Most fan clubs are managed by fans who dedicate substantial time and resources to aiding them. There are also “official” fan clubs that are managed by someone related with the person or organization the club is focused on. This is the case for many sports teams, musicians and more. 

Bigger fan clubs may arrange events and fundraising relating to what they are founded on. In some instances the money that is raised goes straightaway to the people the fan club is based around or to finance the fan club itself.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fan club

A fan club is a group that is dedicated to a well-known person, group, idea (such as history) or sometimes even an inanimate object (such as a famous building). Most fan clubs are run by fans who devote considerable time and resources to supporting them. There are also "official" fan clubs that are run by someone associated with the person or organization the club is centered around. This is the case for many musicians, sports teams and more.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Daniele Capezzone

Daniele Capezzone (Rome, September 8, 1972) is a centre-right Italian politician.
He currently is the spokesman for the People of Freedom.

From July 14, 2001 to November 4, 2006, he was secretary of the Italian Radicals, a liberal, pro-market economy, libertarian movement associated with the Transnational Radical Party. He was one of the youngest party-secretaries in Italy so far.

In 2006-2008, he was the President of the 10th Permanent Commission (Productive Affairs, Trade and Tourism) of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The Desert Cardinal is a year round resident of desert scrub, mesquite thickets, in the U.S. states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas and woodland edges in Mexico. It occupies the southwestern half of Texas, approximately the southern third of New Mexico, and southeastern region of Arizona. Its range flows further south inhabiting areas from the west to east coast of Mexico north of the Sierra Madre del Sur, Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and Isthmus of Tehuantepec, whilst excluding the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Desert Cardinal has reportedly been seen as far away from its dominant range as Costa Mesa, California in Orange County.

The cardinal is relatively nonmigratory, though it may occasionally stray north. The Pyrrhuloxia prefers habitat along stream beds. In areas where the range of the Desert and Northern Cardinal overlap, breeding may occur. There seems to be no conflicts between the species as none have yet been reported.